September 21, 2020

3 Types of Quail Habitats or Cages

There is a big trend among the homesteaders growing the quail. If you grow it right, they are an amazing source of meat and egg, especially if you live in a small apartment or have limited space.  Some of our readers raise them in balconies of the apartment or corner of the condo patio.  They are truly the best homestead animal. Here are 3 Types of quail cages.

Deciding what kind of habitat you want to raise the quail is the most time-consuming decision when you raising the quail.  If you have not decided which kind of habitat is suitable for your property, don’t worry, they are many options to choose from.

Basics of Quail Habitat

Before you start building or buying the cage for your baby quail, there are a few things you need to decide before spending money on the cage.

The rule of thumb is that your cage or habitat should have a tall height or very short height.

If you have decided to go with cages or hutches, the maxim height for your cage should be about 12 inches.  Because their natural instinct is to shoot into the air like a rocket whenever hey feel threaten, the lower ceiling is to protect the quail from breaking their neck.

But if you have enough space for a bigger cage, we recommend having a walk in the pasture type of system.  That habitats shod be 6 feet of height so that it can give quail enough space to jump.

The next decision to make is how you design the ground of habitat.   The quail is still a wild bird.  Many homesteaders have been breeding them for domesticated usage, but they still have a natural instinct and need tree branches, rocks, and leaf to hind under.  This gives them security from the environment.  

Also, make sure you give them plenty of food water throughout the day. They love dust bathing in their habitat too.

3 to 5 female per male ratio.  The male quail will fight for the mating right and you will be very surprised how far they will go to secure the mating right from each other. 

And finally, you make sure that the cage is completely enclosed with mesh wire that mouse, rat, or any rodents can not get into the hutch.  This is the most threat to your quail and you have to protect them from the hungry rodent looking for easy prey.

3 Types of Quail Cages for Homestead Habitats

There is a wide range of cage design for your habitats.  You can buy the most modern cage from a local farm supplier center to build a huge habitat using lumber from a local hardware store.  In the old days, many farmers raise to quail in the small cage for efficacy.  But due to the awareness of humane ways to raise the animal, some homeowners like to raise them in the bigger cage.  

However you decided to raise the quail, they are very resilient and can be adapted to any kind of cage if you provide them with basic needs.  But they require routine checks so that the habitats are predator proofs.   Wire flooring is always necessary because it allows them an extra barrier from the ground attack.  

Quail Cages

You probably seem a quail inside of a small wooden cage.  This is the most common habitat for quail. They are usually 12 to 18 inches height with a slanted floor for the egg roll to the front.

Most of the cages fit five to ten quail depends on the size.  It is the complete opposite of chicken, they feel more comfortable and safe in smaller spices.  They enjoy confined space and proceed with more eggs in a small space. 

For commercial growers or persons who want to raise in a large flock, this is the best opinion for you.   Because the button of the cage is mesh wire, the cages allow feces to drop into the tray or to the ground without doing much extra work.

Many owners, add the feeders and waterer outside of the cage so that the quail can not make to much mess inside of the cage.  

Quail Hutches

Rabbit hutches are the most common option to house quail.  It is fairly easy to set up and already gives you the option to start without spending too much time considering the other options.   But add some branches and brush for the quail so that they feel more comfortable and secure inside of hutches.

Pastured Quail Cage

This is a tractor style of cage. It allows quail to explore the natural environment and forage natural surround of your homestead.  Also, you placed them top of the brushes, they feel safer from the predator,  But be careful when you moving eh tractor because quail can escape from the cage.

The height of the tractor should be 15 to 18 inches tall and consider to divide in the coop for your quail.

Problem with Quail in Cage

Any point, you find your quail fighting with each other, it means they have too much pace than necessary.  

Also, it means that they are too many cocks to hens.

You can fix this problem with build a bigger size of cage to give them more space to cover or adding more females to the group.

3 Types of quail cages give you the basic idea.  There is no single best option to raise the quail.  Depends on your homestead situation, there are unlimited ideas to build a cage for your quail.  It is all about learning and starts enjoying the new venture.

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