February 8, 2022

Hyperinflation is on the way.

Hyperinflation is on the way.

If you are a regular person who earns a consistent salary each year, you are already aware that everything is becoming more expensive, because hyperinflation is on the way.

I'm not talking about a 5% to 10% increase in the price of a house good, but rather a 30% to 50% increase in price.

Also, because of the current bogus pandemic regulation that has been imposed on many businesses and workplaces.

It is nearly impossible to keep a job if your boss insists on requiring you to get a vaccine without your consent.

Our original motivation for creating this website was to raise quail, but my true objective was to prepare for the coming collapse of the dollar and America.

I started a vegetable garden.

I started a vegetable garden and attempted to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Everything my family had long-term plans for has come to pass, I can say with confidence.

When you go to the local food shop, you will notice a difference in the level of stock compared to years before.

You'll see a ton of items on the shelves if you visit a whole foods or more organic store.

Growing organic produce or livestock, in my opinion, is more challenging because it requires more attention than producing non-organic goods.

We were prepared for a US dollar financial collapse.

It means that you must have tangible prior metal and cash on hand.

To be able to freely move throughout the world, you must also have cryptocurrency.

However, the most significant aspect of the collapse of America empire is the preparation of food storage.

Because we reside in southern California, the environment of our vegetable garden is quite dry and desert-like.

We put forth a lot of effort to make our soil vegetable-friendly.

But there is one piece missing from the puzzle.

The protein need for healthy life.   

All of the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins may be obtained from vegetables, but in order for the human body to operate correctly, fat and protein are required.

Milk is the finest source of protein and fat.   Especially goat milk.

However, due to restricted space in our back yard and local regulations, we are unable to raise a goat.  

Our choice was a chicken.

But we did not know exactly how much feed was required to raise a handful of chickens in the backyard.  

That's why we opted to raise quail instead of chickens.

I began raising quail as a protein source.

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