September 29, 2020

Breeding Japanese or Coturnix Quail

Raising Japanese Coturnix Quail

Raising Japanese Coturnix Quail was one of the best decisions I made for my backyard garden.

If you are a newbie in the homesteading world, you already researched and considered to raise the Japanese Coturnix Quail as your go-to poultry. 

Coturnix Quail or Japanese Quail has all the right characteristics for the homestead animal.   

The Japanese Quail, is commonly called Coturnix  Japonica, is originated from East Asia.  According to scientific research, they played a vital role in human survival and provided eggs and meat for the people.  The term "Quail" refers to a large group of birds.  Coturnix starts laying eggs in 7 weeks, 18 weeks earlier than Bobwhite Quail.  Jumbo Coturnix can give you 10 - 15 ounces of meat - almost twice the size of Bobwhite.

1. Raising Baby Quail Chic

2.  Sex of Quail?  

3. All about Egg

4. Housing Quail or Build the Cage

Hygiene of Coturnix Quail

Coturnix Quail are avid dust bather and this ritual conducted daily bases.

5. Breeding Japanese Quail

Reproduction or Mating of Quail

The Coturnix Quail mating ritual are very distinct than any other birds.

6. Excellent Business Opportunity with Japanese Coturnix Quail

7. Space Travel Quail

In March of 1990, Japanese quail eggs was launched into the orbit riding Several Soviet and Russian spacecraft, including the Bion 5 satellite, Salyut 6 and Mir spaces and successfully incubated and hatched in space.

Conclusion (Raising Japanese Coturnix Quail) :

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