September 10, 2020

Should I Raise Quail on the Ground?

When it comes down to it, quail probably prefer to be on the ground.  

They love foraging, scratching, and nesting amongst the dirt.  

Also, I found out that raising the quail on the ground gives them more freedom to thrive on foraging and reproducing very well.

Free-Range or Ground- raising quail method is getting popular among the homestead farmers and backyard growers. 

Watching the quail interact with the natural environment has given them more satisfaction than keeping the quail in the metal cage for egg and meant only.

Comparing to the Free-Range method, ground-raising is much safer than free-range your quail due to the many dangers associated with residing outdoors.

Ground -Raising Method

So what is the Ground - Raising Method? 

The cage or pen, as the name suggests, enables the quail to have easy access to the ground.  Where they would naturally spend the majority of their time in the wild.

Quail are ground dwellers and in nature, they will hide under the brush. 

I placed rush piles and gives them a sends of security. 

Because it provides a more natural environment they will remain much more calmer.

Most of the home quail are kept in the metal cages for easy maintenance of the birds from the dangers associated with residing outside. 

Some times, ground - raise cage can be constructed using wire, fence, mesh, woodwork, bookshelves, cabinet, pallets, or whatever else you have lying around your house, as long as it can use to protect them from the predator 

Whatever type of cage you are planning, make sure you never cram your quail in small space. 

If they feel frustrated or stress out due to the small space, they will become very aggressive, cannibalistic and will kill each other.

What are the Benefits of Ground Raising Method

So, should I Raise Quail on the Ground?

if you are already raising a quail indoor cage, why would you even consider raising your quail in a Ground Raised Pen?

Here are a few good reasons:

  • Quail will live in a more natural environment and be able to behave on their natural instinct.
  • Quail have access to ground, dirt where they can take dust baths and find a grit for their diet.
  • Outdoor Cages provide excellent ventilation for quail and you.
  • Quail have access to a natural diet, such as seeds, vegetables, and bugs.
  • Quail will have a natural environment to nest naturally than an artificially constructed metal cage.

What are the Best Quail Breed for Ground-Raised

The Coturnix Quail is a hardy breed that is the best breed for beginners and because of their ability to thrive in stressful environments.

it is often chosen by many homestead growers.

There are at least 130 known quail breeds existed in the world and it is important to do the research the quail breeds for ground-raising, or free-ranging.

Coturnix quails are considered to be very docile birds and they love to eat seeds, vegetables, and bugs in their natural habitat.

So, if you are not sure about which breed raise for your cage, consider the Coturnix for the beginner. 

You will notice that once they settled in their natural habitat, they will consume less feed and try to forge in more natural food.

The reason why the majority of Quail Raised in Cages?

Quail has been domesticated and evolved away from its wild instinct.

Due to the domestication for hunting, they tend to do very well in cages and some prefer small confinement for safety.

The reasons why not to raise them in Ground Pen

Many quail farmers have argued that it is much better to raise them inside the metal cage.

Here are some of the valid reasons that many experienced quail farmers refuse to raise quail on the ground.


Due to the smaller size than chickens, they have many predators after them. 

For example, your neighborhood cats love to eat your quail for dinner and small quail could be a wonderful meal for the small size snake hiding under your house or barn.

While these concerns are perfectly valid, you can build your new cage extremely safe from the predators. 

In fact, we are hearing more and more cases where quails were unable to escape from the predator.  Because they were confined in the cage for a long time.

They lost instinct or defensive mechanism due to lack of exercise.

The best way to construct Ground Pen is by using mesh-like fencing and poultry netting for the safe haven for your quail.

The Mobile Coop

This design is perfect for backyards who want to raise quail on the homestead.

The cage can easily move around to fresh grass and providing them with better grass and feed.  

Also, they give a great fertilizer for your garden.

Quail's natural instincts are to be on the ground, forging, scratching, and hiding under the brush. 

So you have had space and ground to raise them in the natural environment, I highly recommend these options.  

Because they will be much happier and healthier than raise them inside the metal cage.

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