September 24, 2020

The 6 Best Quail Cages to Raising the Quail at Home

Are you looking for the Best Quail Cages for a home?  

If you have started to raise the quail in your backyard,  the most of concerns are choosing the right quail cages or pens for your quail.   You may feel overwhelmed by the number of options and designs available to you, but it is relatively straight forward once you understand the nature of quail and what do they need daily bases.    However, there are a few things to consider before shopping and building the cage. 

Things to Consider Before Buy or Build the Cage

  • Size or Location of Cage
  • Feeder
  • Waterers
  • Egg Tray
  • Dust Bath

Here are the top 6 design and Quail Cage

Top 6 Quail Cage Designs

1. Stacked (Apartment) Style Quail Cages

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Stacked  Style Quail Cages

Stacked Quail Cages

Able to establish the big Quail Farming operation, this is the perfect design for your operation. These designs are stacked on top of each other to utilize the small space and easy to manage the many quail with simplicity.     

Stacked Cages are great for limited space and want to raise many numbers of quail. The cages are often separated by the mesh wire and have a dropping tray on the bottom of the cage.  Also, they come with eggs collecting tray so them it won’t broken or squished by other quails.

Each quail needs 1 square foot of space per bird, and you can purchase their cages in bundles.  You can easily start with a single cage and slowing adding or stacking more cage as you are expending a number of quail for your operation.    

Stacked cages are designed for farming operations.  But due to the numbers of quail in the small space, the cage has to keep very clean and change the dropping tray as often as possible.   Also, you can keep the stacked cages on the shed or garage, but make sure has a lot of air circulation.  Because quail droppings contain a high concentration of ammonia and it causes respiratory issues for quail and to the keeper.

2. Commercialized Galvanized Wire Cage

This is the most efficient cage design for raising quail in a commercial manner.

It designed for well-ventilation, easy clean, easy access to the bird, easy accessories attachment, and utilization of small space.

3. Quail Hutches (Best Quail Cages for home)

If you like to have many quail but prefer to keep them outside of your house, this is a cage for you.  It is very similar to rabbit hutches.  This is the best option if you need to build the cage using the rabbit hutches or aviary style.   However you design the quail cage, you need to keep them secure from predators. 

Your quail cage will draw a lot of predators from the surrounding area.

I am a big fan of Rabbit Hutches for a first-time raiser.   I like to provide quail a more natural environment and offer them as much soil as possible.  But if you need to protect them from 360 degrees.  I believe that using hardware cloth or mesh wire is the best way to go.  You can use 1/4 or 1/2 inch wire on the sides and front of the cage and keep your quail from the Owls, rats, mice, snakes, and other unwanted critters.

Also keep in mind that, if your pen or hutch has a wire floor, you need a barrier on the side of the pen.  Because coons or skunks can grab the quail toes and rip them off from the body.  I usually brick as a barrier beneath the floor of the wire.

Keeping the quail inside of the wire cage will cause bumblefoot to the quail.  Because the wire is very stressful on quail feet and poop will harden and puncture their time pads and cause bumblefoot.  so place a piece of plywood in the back of the cage gives them a resting area for their tiny feet.

4. Recall or Hunter Pens

Quail are trained to return to their pen every day.  People train the quail for hunting and it is work very good or hunter who would like to release them in the wild and let them returned at night.

5. Ground Pen (Best Quail Cages for home)

These pens are perfect for the owner who wants to enjoy the quail in a natural setting.   It is getting popular among farmer who wants to watch them interact with the natural environment and keeping them as entertainment purposes.

Often times, the whole cage is surrounded by tightly woven framed of wire mesh and predator-proof cages.  It gives the quail to have access to the earth and they spend most of their time foraging and looking for seeds.  This is the considered safest way to raise the quail in outside.

Here are a few benefits to raising in the Ground Pen

  • Quails will live a more natural environment and act upon their instincts
  • Your Quail have access to dirt to take a dust bath.
  • Access to vegetation, bugs, seeds, and grit.
  • Outdoor pens provide great ventilation to prevent the spread of diseases.
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Click Here for Amazon Quail Cage Two Compartment

6. Flight Quail Pens

This design is for raising a quail for hunting purposes.  

The farmer raises the quail to release in the wild and use them for dog training as well. Because that, the pen has a longer distance and higher height to give quail more space to build up their muscle strength.

As you can see, the choices of the cage are endless.  Quail loves to forage, scratching, and eating natural seed from the earth.  When it comes down to picking the right cage or pens, it comes down to keeping them safe and comfortable.

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