September 14, 2020

The Best Quail and Chicken Waterer.

Her are ideas of quail water feeder or waterer for your quail.

Providing clean water to your quail is very important.  

Bacteria can grow in a water bowl by quail’s dropping and feeding.  

The dirty water bowl means smelly but also dangerous to quail.  

Because bacteria will give quail infections, sickness, and possible death.  

But, before you buy or make a quail waterer, there are several factors to consider.

It depends on the kind of setup you have for your quail.  

Let’s take a look at a few options before you install the waterer.

If you're new to quail-raising, you might be tempted to just throw a dog bowl in the pen and call it a day because it's so simple.

But a water bowl with a huge opening can become cesspools of bacteria that may kill your quail in the long run.  

Quail are very messy birds.

They love to forage, pick, and throw their feed all over the place. 

They enjoy picking through dirt crumbles for the "perfect" size of their tasting, and the nest of feed will end up in the water bowl with their droppings.

Because of their natural instincts, it is helpful to find the enclosed waterer for your quail.

Chicken or Quail Founts

You already have seen red-bottomed with a white cylindrical top waterer.

This is a gravity-fill waterer that is very suitable for free-ranging quail pens and kept in a ground pen.

Because the quail are not exposed to all of the water in the surrounding area.

You simply fill the container with water and the water fills the tray by gravity.

The problem with this waterer is that quail can be tempting to jump onto the waterer and droppings can easily fall into the fount.

Both quail droppings and feed can cause bacterial infection and young quail are very susceptible to the sickness from drinking water.

When you start with young baby quail chicks, you should be careful using poultry founts, because of their size, they drown very easily. 

Because they are small in size, they don’t have enough strength and agility to get out of the waterer without the owner’s help.

If you insist on using the gravity font for your quail chicks, you can easily add a couple of pebbles to the tray to prevent drowning.

Young chicks have no problem with drinking the water around the pebbles.

This makes it impossible for them to fall into the tray.

Nipple Poultry Waterers

When it comes to the waterer for your quail, the nipple waterer is the better type of waterers you can get for your quail. 

It is attached to the main water container and quail can peck at the nipple to dispense the water.  

There will be a learning cure for quail to start drinking from the nipple waterers.

But most of the quail are very curious to start pecking at the nipple to figure out the purpose of the object.

The baby chicks may need assistance to use the nipple waterer in the first place, due to the small size and weaker strength of the peak. 

Watering Cups

Compared to nipple and bowl, this is more natural for poultry to drink the water.

When a quail pecks the drinking cup, water flows into it from an external water container or bucket.

The additional benefit of this system is that it is very safe for young quail to drink it from. 

Because it is impossible for them to drown themselves in a poultry cup.

Depending on how you set up your pen, you need to set up a watering system that is suitable for your quail. 

There are many choices for quail water feeder and waterer depends on the cage setup.

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